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Open-access, online, rapid taxonomy
ISSN: 2653-4649 (Online)

There is a problem with the AJT Editor which affects the Save button at the bottom of this page. You may need to click the button twice to get the paper to save correctly (a message will alert you to a successful save).Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this.

To contribute a paper to Australian Journal of Taxonomy, fill in the fields below.

You may share the url for this page with co-authors - but only one person should edit the page at any given time.


You may save the paper (click Save) and return to it for further editing as necessary. Note that there is no auto-save: you should save frequently while editing online.


When you are ready to submit, click the This paper is now ready to submit checkbox, and click Submit. 

Some fields are optional. Use Optional Fields below to specify which of these to include in your paper. Note that fields left blank will not be shown in the formatted paper.

Important: Please use the default format settings given in the fields. Do not change justification or style other than using italics where necessary. Some fields have exemplar text. The safest option is to select and overwrite as necessary.

For convenience, the following autocorrections will be made after you leave a field: -- → en-dash; --- → em-dash; +/- → ±; ^o → °, /x/ → times symbol, /m/ → ♂; /f/ →♀.

Text appearing between |^ and ^| will be superscripted (.e.g., km|^2^| will be rendered with the "2" in superscript.

Text appearing between |v and v| will be subscripted (.e.g., CuA|v1v| will be rendered with the "1" in subscript.

Optional fields



Your paper's title

Preferred format includes name, an indication of higher taxonomic group, and an indication of distribution

e.g. "Tirillus alpinus (Tirillaceae), a new species from the central Australia"






Preferred formats e.g. "Jane Doe" | "J.M. Doe [1*], M. Smith [1,2] & R.E. Wind [3]"

Use square brackets for author references to institutions. Use an asterisk for corresponding author if there are multiple authors



Author institution(s)


If there are multiple authors, place each institution on a new line, prefixed by the author number in square brackets

e.g. "[1] Center for Occasional Excellence" etc.



Corresponding author's email address


Do not precede with an asterisk if there are multiple authors




Author ORCID iDs (if available)

For each author please list author name followed by the ORCID iD (as a full URI i.e. preceded by the 'https://'), separated by a colon and space, e.g.:

Jane Doe:

M. Smith:

Please ensure you use the same order, and the same name format, as given in the Author field,

If you do not have an ORCID identifier, it is a simple process to obtain one at



Your abstract


It is good practice to mention the names of your new taxa and their geographic distribution, to ensure that the abstract will be meaningful when read stand-alone



Zoobank publication registration URL


For all zoological new species papers it is mandatory to register the publication with Zoobank as well as the individual taxa. Include the ZooBank LSID for the publication, for example:






Materials & Methods







Images v

General image uploads and captions

Your paper may have up to five general images (i.e. images that relate to the sections above), including figures, plates or illustrations . If you need more, consider using collages.

Note that you may also have up to five images per taxon; you will upload these in the taxon editor.


Upload and caption your images using the buttons and text boxes below.

Important: read this before attaching images

To lay out properly, all images must be at least 950 pixels wide. If you want an image to be narrower than this, you must pad it to 950 pixels wide using whitespace. Images that are less than 950 pixels wide will be stretched to that width, reducing their quality.

An image with an aspect ratio of 1:1.46 (that is, 1.46 times higher than wide) will fill the printable area of the page, not accounting for the caption. If the caption is long, you will need to reduce the height proportionately. All images should be closely cropped on all sides, with minimum or no whitespace.

Images for upload may be in jpg/jpeg, png, gif, jpe, jfif, bmp, heic, heif, or webp format. High-quality compressed image formats such as jpg are preferred.


First general image

NAT image.png
Remove Image
Replace Image

Your image is being uploaded - please wait

Caption (start the caption with "Figure x.")


Second general image

NAT image.png
Remove Image
Replace Image

Your image is being uploaded - please wait

Caption (start the caption with "Figure x.")


Third general image

NAT image.png
Remove Image
Replace Image

Your image is being uploaded - please wait

Caption (start the caption with "Figure x.")


Fourth general image

NAT image.png
Remove Image
Replace Image

Your image is being uploaded - please wait

Caption (start the caption with "Figure x.")


Fifth general image

NAT image.png
Remove Image
Replace Image

Your image is being uploaded - please wait

Caption (start the caption with "Figure x.")

Add a table





Key Title



Key Notes


Key Notes will be placed between the title and the key. Use these to add additional information or context for the key.





Paste a key into this box in the form of numbered couplets. The key must be dichotomous (that is, with exactly two leads per couplet) and of the form: couplet number{sep}lead text{sep}couplet goto - where {sep} is either a tab or the tilde (~) character and couplet goto is either a number (of another couplet) or the name of a taxon. 

For example

     1~Flowers yellow~Tirillus deserti

     1~Flowers blue~2

Note that when pasting from a Microsoft Word document, tab marks may paste as spaces; if this happens, use tildes instead of tabs

Click the 'Check my key' button below to check that the key has a valid structure.

Key test not OK result message

Delete key
Check my key
small check.png


Taxonomy Section





Use this section to record the higher-level classification of your taxa, if desired (common in zoological papers). It will appear immediately after the 'Taxonomy' heading and before the taxa in the paper.

Add a taxon to this paper

Taxon's name:

This taxon is:

This name is:




Gorareduvius gajarrangarnang sp. nov.


Please wait...






Supplementary data

Supplementary data should be placed in a Dryad repository. List here any Dryad DOIs after an indication of the data file e.g.

'Genbank sequences: doi:10.5061/dryad.1234






Use a conventional referencing style of your choice. Please be careful to ensure consistency. (Use the buttons below to insert references using a common referencing style)

MS Notes

Use this field to keep house-keeping notes while writing your ms.





Please provide, if you can, names and email addresses of suggested suitable referees for your paper. You may also, if you wish, nominate people you would prefer not to referee.



Suggested referee(s) (please include email addresses)



Please do not use the following as referee(s)



Financial disclosures and conflicts of interest

Important: Do not check this box until the paper is complete. You will lose access to edits once submitted, until the review has been completed


Submission Checklist

(All boxes must be checked for the paper to be submitted)


Success message

Your paper has been submitted. Check your Dashboard for the next steps

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