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Taxonomic placement of several names of uncertain application in Western Australian Hibbertia Andrews

K.R. Thiele [1,2*] & T.A. Hammer [3,4]


In preparation for a Flora of Australia treatment of Hibbertia Andrews, all names of uncertain application listed in the Australian Plant Name Index and Australian Plant Census are being reviewed. While most of these names will be dealt with in forthcoming taxonomic treatments, several are dealt with here as they can be straightforwardly assigned to existing species. Names assigned in this paper are Pleurandra cognata Steud. and P. juniperina Turcz.(=Hibbertia acerosa (DC.) Benth.), Hibbertia latifolia Steud. and Warburtonia potentillina F.Muell. (=H. grossulariifolia (Salisb.) Salisb.), Hibbertia tenuiramea Steud. (=H. stellaris Endl.) and Hibbertia virentum Domin (= H. verrucosa (Turcz.) Benth.).




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