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New Australian Taxa is an online platform for rapid publication of ... new Australian taxa.

Most traditional journals, even online ones, require authors to submit papers as formatted Word documents.

Every aspect of New Australian Taxa, by contrast, is fully-online. Authors edit their papers online, reviewers review online, authors deal with revisions online, and copy editing is done online. This has the potential to substantially ease the burden on authors and reviewers, a prerequisite for rapid taxonomy.

To contribute a paper to New Australian Taxa:

1. Click on the Write a new paper button at left. Note that you will be asked to log in to, or register with, the Taxonomy Australia website. This allows contributions to be tracked and managed.

2. Once logged in, contributions are authored and edited using a convenient web form, with fields for the standard content of taxonomic papers. The form may be customised by including or excluding optional fields.  

3. Contributions in draft are accessible from a personal dashboard for each logged-in (primary) author, and may be shared with coauthors. At any time, papers may be viewed as formatted  for final publication.

4. When the paper is complete, submit it for peer review.

5. Review takes place online. Reviewers are able to provide comments on every section of the paper and to provide overall comments and a recommendation.

6. Once the review is complete, the paper and reviewer comments will be available from your dashboard. Deal with the reviewer's comments, then submit for copy edit, a final check by an editor, and publication.

7. Your dashboard will also be a convenient place to track your published contributions.

8. As a diamond open access publication, New Australian Taxa has no paid staff or editors. Costs are kept to a minimum by relying on voluntary labour. To help offset the workload, all contributors to New Australian Taxa will be asked at times to help with other papers, either as a reviewer or copy editor. Please engage - the Australian taxonomic community benefits from an efficient, effective journal for the rapid and timely publication of new species.