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New Australian Taxa is an online platform for the rapid publication of ... new Australian taxa.

New Australian Taxa accepts papers publishing new species and infra-species of plants, animals and fungi. Each issue will comprise a single taxonomic paper.

Unlike other taxonomic journals, New Australian Taxa is fully-online. Papers are born-digital and born-online. They are authored on the New Australian Taxa website, and all subsequent steps (peer-review, editing, copy editing and publication) take place on that website. At no stage does a paper in New Australian Taxa need to exist as a document in an off-line word-processing application.


All papers published in New Australian Taxa are peer-reviewed. New Australian Taxa is a 'diamond open access' publication—that is, there are no charges for either authors or readers.

New Australian Taxa is fully compliant with the botanical and zoological codes of nomenclature. Papers are published in pdf format and are available from the Taxonomy Australia website.


The core intent of New Australian Taxa is to provide a platform for the rapid and straightforward publication of new species and other taxa.


In this spirit, New Australian Taxa has relatively relaxed formatting requirements. Authors are advised to format references, synonymies, specimen citations etc. consistently within a paper, and reasonably with respect to best practice. Referees will require corrections if these relaxed requirements are not met.

An important editorial and peer-review philosophy of New Australian Taxa is that content must be adequate but not excessive for the purpose of naming new taxa. While New Australian Taxa will not compromise on taxonomic quality and due diligence, authors, reviewers and editors are expected to apply common-sense standards to the taxonomic adequacy of the content of papers. 

Contributors to New Australian Taxa will be asked to register with Taxonomy Australia. This is important to ensure quality control and accountability.

New Australian Taxa is a community journal, managed by Taxonomy Australia for and on behalf of the Australian taxonomic community. Contributors to New Australian Taxa will also be expected to review and edits papers published in it. All reviewing and editing contributions will be fully acknowledged on each paper.

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