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New Australian Taxa

Issues in bold are pending; issues in grey have been dealt with

Provide a mechanism to link to a dryad data repository. This should go between Acknowledgments and References. Note - still need to add this to the paper View

The system for setting the order of taxa in the paper (in the taxon repeater on the paper's page) is not working properly and the numbers are not persistent

Add context help button to more fields, esp. in the taxon editor. Also references (and recommend journal titles in full)

Zoobank identifiers are currently set as optional, but are mandatory for zoological and mycological papers - fix

Add ORCID identifiers to author section

Add a recommended reviewers field

Option to show Zoobank Publication URL box not working

Add a header to the View pdf to say that this is an unpublished draft

Do some edits in the body of the paper then move to the taxon editor - is there a way to warn of unsaved edits before the navigation.

Image editor and view not working properly

Add a 'classification' section under Taxonomy for zoological papers

Fix the whitespace at the end of the editor

Place warning on Delete Taxon