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Open-access, online, rapid taxonomy

New Australian Taxa


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Introducing New Australian Taxa, a fully-online, fully open-access journal for the rapid publication of new Australian species

K.R. Thiele (1, 2*) & M.S. Harvey (3)


With this paper we introduce New Australian Taxa and outline its scope, rationale, operation and governance. New Australian Taxa is one of the world's first fully-online journals. Papers are born-digital and born-online. They are authored on the New Australian Taxa website, and all subsequent steps (peer-review, editing, copy editing and publication) take place on that website. At no stage does a paper in New Australian Taxa need to exist as a document in a word-processing application (unless an author chooses to write some content off-line and paste it into the journal's online editing platform later). This fully-online processing substantially eases and accelerates workflows, and reduces the costs of production and publishing to a minimum. For these reasons, New Australian Taxa is also a diamond open access journal, with no access charges for authors or readers. New Australian Taxa is optimised for the rapid publication of new Australian taxa across all organismal groups (animals, fungi, plants etc.), and is part of an overarching strategy to substantially accelerate the discovery and taxonomic documentation of Australia's biodiversity.


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