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A revision of Western Australia's Acacia pulchella R.Br. species group (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae)

Kevin R. Thiele (1*) & G. Cockerton (2)


The Acacia pulchella R.Br. species group comprises a series of taxa widespread in south-western Western Australia, hitherto recognised at the rank of variety. Extensive field work and assessment of the taxa in the Western Australian Herbarium indicates that they should be recognised at species rank, given that two or more varieties frequently co-occur with no evidence of hybridisation. Further, several species in the group have been previously overlooked; these are here described as A. binningupensis K.R.Thiele & Cockerton sp. nov. and A. paludosa K.R.Thiele & Cockerton sp. nov.. Acacia goadbyi Domin is reinstated at species rank, while A. glaberrima (Meisn.) K.R.Thiele comb. et stat. nov. and A. reflexa (Maslin) K.R.Thiele comb. et stat. nov. are raised from varietal to species rank.


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