New Australian orchids

Taxonomically, orchids are tricky. Partly, this is because there are an awful lot of them (orchids are the second largest plant family in the world, after daisies). And partly it's because there is a great deal of disagreement amongst orchid taxonomists as to what constitutes a good species and how best to deal with orchid taxonomy.

Four new papers were published recently in the privately-published Australian Orchid Review, describing a range of new species, creating a new genus (Leptogastrodia) and moving a number of species between genera.

The papers are:

  • Bates, R.J. (2019), Thelymitra tubulina a new species of sun orchid (Orchidaceae) from South Australia. Australian Orchid Review 84(1): 34-36

  • Clements, M.A. & Jones, D.L. (2019), Notes on Australasian orchids 3: nomenclatural adjustments in the tribe Gastrodieae (Orchidaceae); new combinations in Demorchis and Neoclemensia and the erection of the new genus Leptogastrodia. Australian Orchid Review 84(1): 37-44

  • Jones, D.L. & Clements, M.A. (2019), New combinations in Australian Orchidaceae. Australian Orchid Review 84(1): 19-20

  • Jones, D.L. & French, C.J. (2019), New species in the Diplodium nanum (R.Br.) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem. complex (Orchidaceae) from Western Australia - 6. Australian Orchid Review 84(1): 21-32