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Our Discovery Mission

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to discover and document all remaining Australian species of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms ... in a generation.

How on Earth are we going to do this?


Roundtable 4: How can we most effectively use phylogenetics for our species discovery mission?

Session 2

1 May 2020 at 1:30:00 am

Michelle Guzik & Darren Crayn


Phylogenetics and species delimitation are becoming more and more closely integrated. Placing specimens of a potentially new species into a phylogeny is a great start in any taxonomic project. However, for this to be maximally effective for an all-species mission such as we envisage, we really need a phylogeny of all known species. This roundtable will consider issues around phylogenetics and species discovery, including:

  • Is a phylogeny that includes all Australian species achievable in the medium term?

  • How would we best go about constructing such a phylogeny?

  • What systems would we need to have in place to manage a comprehensive phylogeny and allow it to be used effectively for species discovery and delimitation?

35 people have registered for this session

Michelle Guzik

The University of Adelaide

Ryan O'Donnell

University of New England

Mark Harvey

Western Australian Museum

Marco Pellegrini

Independent researcher

Lalita Simpson

Australian tropical Herbarium

Rose Andrew

University of New England

Madalene Giannotta

UofA, ANU, and ANIC

Kit Prendergast

Curtin University

Karl Magnacca

Bishop Museum

Paige Maroni

The University of Western Australia

Lisa Kirkendale

Western Australian Museum

Heroen Verbruggen

The University of Melbourne

Bryan Lessard


Renee Catullo


Joanna Sumner

Museums Victoria

Ethan Briggs

The University of Queensland

Lizzy Joyce

James Cook University

Juanita Rodriguez

Australian National Insect Collection

Tulio Campos

The University of Melbourne

Darren Crayn

James Cook University

Rachael Fowler

The University of Melbourne

Brian Looney

Duke University

Andreas Zwick

Australian National Insect Collection CSIRO

Nikolas Johnston

University of Wollongong

Andrew Thornhill

State Herbarium of South Australa/University of Adelaide

Ben Parslow

South Australian Museum

Kathryn Hall

Queensland Museum

Cecile Gueidan

Australian National Herbarium

Braxton Jones

The University of Sydney

Peter Cowman

James Cook University

Tom Bridge

Queensland Museum

Francesco Martoni

Agriculture Victoria Research - AgriBio

David Juszkiewicz

Curtin University

Katharina Nargar

Australian Tropical Herbarium & National Research Collections Australia, CSIRO

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