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Our Discovery Mission

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to discover and document all remaining Australian species of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms ... in a generation.

How on Earth are we going to do this?


Roundtable 6: What new technologies (other than genetics and genomics) will we need to deploy for our mission?

Session 2

30 April 2020 at 3:30:00 am

Jane Melville


New technologies are available now that can help in our mission, including machine learning, high-end imaging, supercomputing and more. This roundtable will consider issues around new technologies, including:

  • How exactly could machine learning be used in species discovery, delimitation and documentation?

  • What support structures do we need to be able to effectively use new imaging technologies?

31 people have registered for this session

Gill Brown

Queensland Herbarium

Andy Austin

Biological Sciences, Adelaide University

Nicole Kearney

Biodiversity Heritage Library Australia (Museums Victoria)

Andrew Young


Rose Andrew

University of New England

Matt Shaw

South Australian Museum

Madalene Giannotta

UofA, ANU, and ANIC

Bryan Lessard


Renee Catullo


Anne Fuchs


Ethan Briggs

The University of Queensland

Luke Harmon

University of Idaho

Sangay Dema

University of New England

Nikolas Johnston

University of Wollongong

Nik Tatarnic

Western Australian Museum

Bevan Buirchell

Western Australian Herbarium

Ben Parslow

South Australian Museum

Duncan Farquhar

Braxton Jones

The University of Sydney

Zoe Richards

Curtin University

Volker Framenau

Murdoch University

Ely Wallis

Atlas of Living Australia (CSIRO)

Karl Magnacca

Bishop Museum

Matthew Watters

Deakin University

Donald Hobern

International Barcode of Life Consortium

Francesco Martoni

Agriculture Victoria Research - AgriBio

Gill Brown

Queensland Herbarium

Shelley James

Western Australian Herbarium

Raees Khan

The University of Adelaide

David Juszkiewicz

Curtin University

Katharina Nargar

Australian Tropical Herbarium & National Research Collections Australia, CSIRO

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