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Our Discovery Mission

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to discover and document all remaining Australian species of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms ... in a generation.

How on Earth are we going to do this?


Roundtable 8: What role can citizen science play in our mission?

Session 2

30 April 2020 at 11:30:00 pm

Tom May


Citizen science is increasingly important and popular, for a range of reasons. Many programs use citizen scientists to record aspects of biodiversity, usually observation records and images. But while these have some relevance to taxonomy (by adding new observations for known species, and occasionally serendipitously finding new species), on the whole they are fairly peripheral to taxonomy per se. This roundtable will consider issues around citizen science and taxonomy, including:

  • Can we make better use of citizen science for species discovery, delimitation and documentation, and if so, how?

26 people have registered for this session

Jeremy Bruhl

University of New England

Andre Zerger


Lyn Cook

The University of Queensland

Rachael Fowler

The University of Melbourne

Julia Haska

Volunteer, South Australian Herbarium

Rose Andrew

University of New England

Nicole Kearney

Biodiversity Heritage Library Australia (Museums Victoria)

Bryan Lessard


Ethan Briggs

The University of Queensland

Peter Brenton

Atlas of Living Australia

Kathy Ebert

The University of Queensland

Ashley Field

Queensland Herbarium, Department of Environment and Science

Brian Looney

Duke University

Penelope Mills

The University of Queensland

Tanya Latty

University of Sydney

Andrew Thornhill

State Herbarium of South Australa/University of Adelaide

Ben Parslow

South Australian Museum

Duncan Farquhar

Braxton Jones

The University of Sydney

Alison Vaughan

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Paul Flemons

Australian Museum

Chris Cargill

Australian National Herbarium

Francesco Martoni

Agriculture Victoria Research - AgriBio

Wayne Gebert

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Shelley James

Western Australian Herbarium

Tom May

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

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