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Our Discovery Mission

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to discover and document all remaining Australian species of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms ... in a generation.

How on Earth are we going to do this?


Roundtable 9: How can we best build the required workforce for our mission?

Session 2

30 April 2020 at 1:30:00 am

Mike Bayly & Andy Austin


Taxonomy clearly needs skilled people (at least until AI puts us all out of a job and we can go on a permanent field trip or holiday). And this mission clearly needs more skilled people than we have at present. This roundtable will consider issues around the taxonomic workforce, including:

  • What type of workforce will we need over the 25 years if this mission?

  • How will we train and build this workforce?

  • What important skills are currently in shortest supply, and how will we redress this?

The following participants are registered for this session

Anthony Whalen


Joanne Birch

The University of Melbourne

Joanne Birch

The University of Melbourne

Lalita Simpson

Australian tropical Herbarium

Matt Renner

National Herbarium of New South Wales

Madalene Giannotta

UofA, ANU, and ANIC

Kit Prendergast

Curtin University

Lisa Kirkendale

Western Australian Museum

Andyy Austin



Bryan Lessard


Ethan Briggs

The University of Queensland

Lizzy Joyce

James Cook University

Sangay Dema

University of New England

Kathy Ebert

The University of Queensland

Helen Kennedy

University of New England

Bill Barker

State Herbarium of South Australia

Laetitia Gunton

Australian Museum

Nerida Wilson

Western Australian Museum

Nik Tatarnic

Western Australian Museum

Bevan Buirchell

Western Australian Herbarium

Andrew Thornhill

State Herbarium of South Australa/University of Adelaide

Jeremy Bruhl

University of New England

Duncan Farquhar

Mike Bayly

The University of Melbourne

Mike Rix

Queensland Museum

Nicole Gunter

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Francesco Martoni

Agriculture Victoria Research - AgriBio

Wayne Gebert

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Lauren Hughes

Natural History Museum London

Raees Khan

The University of Adelaide

David Juszkiewicz

Curtin University

Katharina Nargar

Australian Tropical Herbarium & National Research Collections Australia, CSIRO

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