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Andrew Thornhill

I am a research associate in a joint position between The State Herbarium of South Australia and The University of Adelaide. I study various aspects of plant evolution with an emphasis on Australian plants and large phylogenetic studies.

I study the evolution, palynology, phylogenetics, systematics, and biogeography of the Myrtaceae and in particular have worked on the phylogenetic relationships of the eucalypts which are a very species rich group in Myrtaceae. I work on utilising plant fossils as calibrations in molecular dating analyses and bryophyte (moss, liverwort, and hornwort) phylogenetics.

Andrew's work profile

Andrew works in the following sector(s): University, Collections Institution

Andrew's primary institution is: Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia

Andrew's position is: Research Associate

Andrew's work in taxonomy 

Andrew has the following roles: Collecting, Research, Collection Management, Information Management, Editing publishing and reviewing, Science Communication, Public Outreach

Andrew's skills are in Phylogenetics, Biodiversity informatics, Genetics & Genomics, Biogeography

Andrew works on the taxonomy of Plants, Hornworts, Liverworts, Mosses, Flowering Plants, Myrtaceae

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Andrew is happy to be contacted for the following reasons:

Contact from others in the taxonomy community regarding taxonomy-related issues

Contact from members of the public for advice in areas of expertise (but not for identifications)

Contact from members of the public for identifications in areas of expertise

Contact by prospective students and others who could benefit from mentorship

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