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Bruce Wannan

I am a systematist who has maintained an interest in my fields (Anacardiaceae & Srophulariaceae s.l.) in spite of 30 years of being involved in environmental assessment, survey and management. My current interest have involved the taxonomy of the Linderniaceae. They will shortly involve work on the biogeography Australian Anacardiaceae and on Hibiscus systematics.

Bruce's work profile

Bruce works in the following sector(s): University

Bruce's primary institution is: Australian Tropical Herbarium

Bruce's position is: Honorary Research Associate

Bruce's work in taxonomy 

Bruce has the following roles: Collecting, Identification, Research, Editing publishing and reviewing, Other

Bruce's skills are in Species delimitation, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity informatics, Biogeography, Imaging

Bruce works on the taxonomy of Plants, Flowering Plants, Anacardiaceae, Linderniaceae

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Bruce is happy to be contacted for the following reasons:

Contact from others in the taxonomy community regarding taxonomy-related issues

Contact from members of the public for advice in areas of expertise (but not for identifications)

Contact from members of the public for identifications in areas of expertise

Contact by prospective students and others who could benefit from mentorship

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