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Fanie Venter

I have spent more than 30 years researching, teaching and consulting in the field of dendrology, ecology and plant taxonomy. During this period, I discovered 178 new plant species and described 38 species new to science. I have done fieldwork and research in all countries in the southern half of Africa, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Lord Howe Island in biomes ranging from alpine herb fields, afromontane forest, rainforest, monsoon forest, various types of Savannahs (especially in Africa and Cape York Peninsula – Laura, Weipa, Archer River, Wenlock River, Jardine River and Bamaga), and grasslands to deserts. My dendrological surveys resulted in the publication of 2 books on trees and various chapters in books. Field surveys also resulted in the taxonomic revisions of the genera Dracophyllum and Richea (Ericaceae) (59 species) and Ledebouria (Asparagaceae) (43 species). Currently working on the Ericaceae for the Flora of Australia.

Fanie's work profile

Fanie works in the following sector(s): Collections Institution

Fanie's primary institution is: Australian Tropical Herbarium

Fanie's position is: Post Doctoral Fellow

Fanie's work in taxonomy 

Fanie has the following roles: Collecting, Specimen preparation, Identification, Research, Editing publishing and reviewing, Science Communication, Public Outreach

Fanie's skills are in Species delimitation, Phylogenetics, Classification, Biogeography, Imaging

Fanie works on the taxonomy of Plants, Flowering Plants,

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Fanie is happy to be contacted for the following reasons:

Contact from others in the taxonomy community regarding taxonomy-related issues

Contact from members of the public for advice in areas of expertise (but not for identifications)

Contact from members of the public for identifications in areas of expertise

Contact re potential citizen science projects that could contribute to taxonomic research

Contact by prospective students and others who could benefit from mentorship

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