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Euoplos eungellaensis, sp. nov. (Idiopidae), a new golden trapdoor spider from central-eastern Queensland

J.D. Wilson, M.S. Harvey & M.G. Rix

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J.D. Wilson [1*], M.S. Harvey [2,3] & M.G. Rix [1]

[1] Biodiversity and Geosciences Program, Queensland Museum Collections and Research Centre, Hendra, Queensland 4011, Australia.
[2] Collections & Research, Western Australian Museum, 49 Kew Street, Welshpool, Western Australia 6106, Australia.
[3] Adjunct, School of Biological Sciences, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia 6009, Australia.


The golden trapdoor spider genus Euoplos Rainbow, 1914 is endemic to Australia, and currently contains 23 species. In eastern Australia, the genus is known to occur from southern Victoria to the Cape York Peninsula of northern Queensland, however, all described species in the genus are from the southern part of this distribution – all species north of the Tropic of Capricorn are currently undescribed. Here, we take the first step in rectifying this by describing Euoplos eungellaensis, sp. nov. from the rainforest of the Clarke Range in central-eastern Queensland. We provide diagnostic characters for both males and females, as well as information on burrow morphology.

Cite this paper as: Wilson JD, Harvey MS & Rix MG (2022). Euoplos eungellaensis (Idiopidae), a new golden trapdoor spider from central-eastern Queensland. Australian Journal of Taxonomy 5: 1–8. doi:

This paper was published on: 30/8/2022





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