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Australia and its surrounding oceans is one of the most biologically diverse and evolutionarily remarkable regions on Earth. And yet, much of its biodiversity remains unexplored, and many of its species remain undiscovered.

Taxonomy Australia supports the exploration and discovery of Australia's biodiversity.



Australian taxonomists discover more new species every year than almost any other country in the world.


Even so, best estimates are that only 30% of Australian species have been discovered and named so far.

Taxonomy Australia is working to accelerate the discovery of all Australia's species, before it's too late.



Training a new generation of taxonomists is crucial if we are to document all our species.


Taxonomy Australia supports education and training in the modern methods and technologies taxonomists use to discover and resolve new species and their relationships.

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Our Vision

Australian taxonomists have an ambitious plan – to discover all of Australia's species in a generation.


Taxonomy Australia's mission is to make this a reality. 

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Join Us

Join Taxonomy Australia to keep abreast of the new species and new knowledge discovered every year by taxonomists, read and share stories of biodiversity discoverers and their discoveries, and help support the exploration and documentation of Australia’s rich, diverse and poorly known biodiversity.

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