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Australian Journal of 



Open-access, online, rapid taxonomy
ISSN: 2653-4649 (Online)

AJT Editors

Australian Journal of Taxonomy is a diamond open-access journal and free resource for the Australian taxonomic community. It is supported by a broad community of authors, editors and referees. 

Overall governance is provided by an Editor-in-Chief who chairs an Editorial Committee consisting of a panel of Associate Editors, appointed by the Taxonomy Australia Steering Committee, which has broad representation from the Australian taxonomy sector. The Editorial Committee operates under Terms of Reference endorsed by the Taxonomy Australia Steering Committee.

Subject Editors are appointed by the Editorial Committee and are responsible for handling the review and editing process of individual manuscripts. Researchers are encouraged to contact the Editorial Committee if they wish to nominate as Subject Editors.


      Mark Harvey (Western Australian Museum)

Current Associate Editors are:

      Pat Hutchings (Australian Museum)

      Tom May (Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria)

      Jane Melville (Museums Victoria)

      Kevin Thiele (Australian National University)

      Kenny Travouillon (Western Australian Museum)

Current Subject Editors are:

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