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Australian Journal of 



Open-access, online, rapid taxonomy

Why do we need an online platform for the rapid publication of new Australian taxa?

Australian Journal of Taxonomy is published by Taxonomy Australia, which has a mission to advocate and support the taxonomic documentation of Australia's rich biodiversity, and to help find ways to accelerate the discovery and naming of all remaining species of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms.

At the current rate of species discovery and documentation, using traditional journals and traditional taxonomic practice, it is estimated that it will take four centuries to fully document Australia's biota.

That's too slow - and we're keen to see it done in a generation.

One part of the solution is to support more efficient publication of new species and other taxa. Australian Journal of Taxonomy does just that, and is optimised for the rapid publication of concise, adequate, and effective descriptions of new species, with minimum fuss.

Australian Journal of Taxonomy is targeted at small, straightforward taxonomic and nomenclatural papers, including descriptions of single species, miscellany papers, and small revisions. These papers are often hard to publish in traditional journals, resulting in many species that could be straightforwardly published remaining unpublished and undocumented.

If you need to publish a full, detailed revision of a large taxonomic group, it will probably be better to use a traditional journal. If, however, you have new Australian taxa to publish, or need to publish other nomenclatural acts outside the context of a full revision, consider authoring a paper for rapid publication in Australian Journal of Taxonomy.

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