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As well as regularly discovering new species, taxonomists regularly discover new knowledge about Australia's biodiversity, and new stories about the lives of Australia's organisms.

You can use Taxonomy Australia to keep abreast of all these discoveries and to get behind the news, meet the discoverers, read the backstories on why discovery matters, keep up with forthcoming taxonomic changes, and even read about the things we don't yet know.

And you can subscribe to all these, in real time or as a weekly summary delivered to your email inbox.

Read more about the stories taxonomists tell through Taxonomy Australia below.



Every year, taxonomists in Australia discover hundreds of new species.

Our Discoveries blog will keep you abreast of these, in real time. Whenever a new species is named, we'll let you know about it and link to the publication where the discovery is announced and the new species formally named and described.

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Taxonomic discoveries are made by people, from students and early-career researchers to active and productive retired taxonomists,

You can read profiles of taxonomists in Discoverers, to gain insights into their lives and careers, and into what makes them tick and what keeps them working.

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Exploring Now


Many taxonomists have the travel bug.

They spend as much time as possible in the field or on voyages, exploring regions remote or close at hand to collect, sample, study, discover and understand new and known species.

The Explore Now! blog will help keep you abreast of expeditions around Australia and the taxonomy and taxonomic discoveries that result.

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On the Horizon


With so much to discover, taxonomy never stops. And as taxonomists discover more, they sometimes discover that our understanding of relationships and classification of Australia's species needs to change.

On the Horizon will give you a preview of research that's not yet published - what's new, what's happening, and what's coming soon.

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In the News


Some taxonomic discoveries get covered by the conventional news media, in newspaper articles, on radio programs, and as podcasts and video clips. Others are the subject of blogs or vlogs on the internet.

Taxonomy Australia collects and curates all these items to add to our own stories and news feeds. In the News brings these together in one place, and adds background and backstories to better explain their significance and context.

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