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Discovering and documenting Australia's native bees

In November 2020 Taxonomy Australia and the Wheen Bee Foundation launched a funding drive for DiscoverBees, a campaign to significantly accelerate the discovery and documentation of Australia's native bees. 


The launch, by Dr Max Whitten, Chairman of the Wheen Bee Foundation, following a webinar featuring fascinating introductory talks by Dr Tobias Smith on Australia's diverse native bees, Dr Ros Gloag on why bees matter, and Dr Ken Walker on why naming bees is important.


You can help support DiscoverBees and Taxonomy Australia in its campaign to discover and document the remaining native bees in Australia.


Learn more about native bees and their taxonomy by watching the webinar above or following the links below, keep abreast of DiscoverBees by bookmarking this page and subscribing to Taxonomy Australia, and donate to the campaign to discover and document all remaining Australian native bees by visiting the Wheen Bee Foundation and donating to the Rita Bee Fund, which for the next three years will dedicate all donations to the discovery and documentation of Australia's undiscovered native bees.

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