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Aglaia fellii W.E.Cooper & Joyce (Meliaceae), a new species for Cape York Peninsula

W.E. Cooper, D.M. Crayn & E.M. Joyce

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W.E. Cooper, D.M. Crayn & E.M. Joyce

Australian Tropical Herbarium, James Cook University
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Aglaia fellii W.E.Cooper & Joyce (Meliaceae) is described from restricted areas of rainforest on Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. Given the unusual morphological features of the species, including solitary flowers and fruits, a molecular phylogenetic analysis was conducted to confirm its placement within Aglaia prior to formal description. All Australian Aglaia species and eight Australian representatives of closely allied Meliaceae genera were sampled, and 353 nuclear loci were sequenced. Maximum likelihood analysis of these loci retrieved A. fellii as nested within Aglaia, most closely related to A. cooperae and A. monticola. This validates its assignment to Aglaia, making it the only Aglaia species with mostly solitary flowers (rarely 3- or 4-flowered) and solitary fruits. A full taxonomic description of Aglaia fellii and notes on its habitat are provided.

Cite this paper as: Cooper WE, Crayn DM & Joyce EM (2023). Aglaia fellii W.E.Cooper & Joyce (Meliaceae), a new species for Cape York Peninsula. Australian Journal of Taxonomy 16: 1–9. doi:

This paper was published on: 19/3/2023





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