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New and reinstated species of the Brachyscome microcarpa complex (Asteraceae: Astereae)

A.R. Bean

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A.R. Bean

Queensland Herbarium and Biodiversity Sciences, Department of Environment and Science, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong 4066, Queensland.


The Brachyscome microcarpa complex, including B. whitei, is taxonomically revised. B. discolor C.Stuart ex Benth. is reinstated, B. whitei G.L.Davis (formerly B. whitei subsp. whitei) is retained, and B. microcarpa F.Muell. is retained with a narrower circumscription. B. pedleyi A.R.Bean sp. nov. (formerly B. whitei subsp. lophoptera), B. stenoloba A.R.Bean sp. nov. (formerly B. microcarpa subsp. darlingensis) and B. vegrandis A.R.Bean sp. nov. are newly described. All species are illustrated by images and distribution maps are provided, as is a key to the species of the complex.

Cite this paper as: Bean AR (2024). New and reinstated species of the Brachyscome microcarpa complex (Asteraceae: Astereae). Australian Journal of Taxonomy 66: 1–16. doi:

This paper was published on: 18/6/2024





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