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Why join?

Why join Taxonomy Australia?

Taxonomy Australia represents, promotes, champions, informs and advocates for the sciences of taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia.


Taxonomy Australia's long-term goal is to enable the discovery of all of Australia's rich diversity of species, for the benefit of our biodiversity, our society and our future.


Members of Taxonomy Australia support this ​goal and our advocacy. The more members Taxonomy Australia has, the more effective our advocacy will be.

As a member of Taxonomy Australia, you can also subscribe to our taxonomy newsfeed, a regular weekly email update that will keep you abreast of newly discovered species, new knowledge of Australia's biodiversity, and back-stories that provide insights into the discoveries, discoverers and the wonder and importance of our biodiversity. Think of the Taxonomy Australia newsfeed as your private taxonomic discovery channel.

If you support biodiversity, support the discovery of new biodiversity, and would like to keep abreast of taxonomic news, views and discoveries, please join and subscribe to Taxonomy Australia.

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