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Laetitia Gunton

I am the current Chadwick Biodiversity Fellow (early career research position) at the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Before moving to Australia I completed my PhD at the University of Southampton joint with the Natural History Museum, London, UK.

My research uses the Australian Museum collections to understand species diversity, distribution and connectivity in the Australian deep-sea environment (> 200 m water depth).

Laetitia processing biological samples on board Research Vessel 'Investigator'. Image CSIRO

My area of taxonomic expertise is the phylum Annelida, particularly the class Polychaeta (bristle worms). Polychaetes are a dominant multicellular group in deep-sea sediments. I use both morphological and molecular methods to delineate species and understand their geographic and depth distributions.

We know very little about the organisms living in the deeper areas of Australian waters meaning there are many hundreds of polychaete worms waiting to be described....

My Taxonomy Australia blog posts

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